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Lodi Gas Storage, or LGS, is a natural gas storage utility company that has been operating in Northern California since 2002. LGS serves the PG&E Citygate marketplace with direct connections to Lines 400 and 401.

LGS's original facility, which has been in service since 2002, is located approximately 30 miles south of Sacramento, near Lodi, California.  The Company completed its first expansion project, known as Kirby Hills Phase I, in the Montezuma Hills, nine miles southeast of Fairfield, California, in 2007.  LGS substantially completed a second expansion project, know as Kirby Hills Phase II, in 2009.  These facilities collectively have a maximum injection and withdrawal capability of approximately 550 million cubic feet per day ("MMcf/day") and 750 MMcf/day, respectively.  LGS's facilities are designed to provide high deliverability natural gas storage service and have a proven track record of safe and reliable operations. 

Lodi is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.  All services are contracted under the Company's California Public Utilities Commission Tariff.

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